Mission and Vision

Our Navigation Team believes...
ALL Pathfinder School of Innovation students will rise to become independent, responsible, educated, and confident contributors to the 21st-century global community through a self-motivated, challenging, and individualized learning path.

The Learning Journey will...
produce creative, responsible, self-motivated, and critical thinking contributors to our society through a rigorous and relevant educational experience and meaningful community engagement of all educational stakeholders. The Pathfinder School of Innovation will produce exemplary levels of achievement through research-based instruction, data-driven assessment, and response, meaningful and frequent relationship building with all stakeholders, providing our Pathfinders with a strong foundation to pursue a variety of post-secondary opportunities.

Our Pathfinder Explorers (students) are…

  1. Self-directed and committed to learning
  2. Comfortable learning in a virtual environment
  3. Reachable and responsive
  4. Willing to take advantage of available support services
  5. Ready to connect, share and collaborate

Our Pathfinder Guides (faculty and staff) are committed to...
  1. Developing each individual’s full potential
  2. Investing in meaningful  communication of all stakeholders
  3. Fostering a Pathfinder’s positive self-concept and creativity
  4. Using data to drive instruction, assessments, interventions, and enrichment opportunities
  5. Adapting to meet the needs of individual Pathfinders

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