Artie Dietz

High School Administration
Assistant Principals
Summer Bearance    Ahrens, FLVS Middle/High
Jeff Gossett    Ahrens, 9th grade
Katie Lawson  Shelby Campus, 10th grade
Jack Jacobs  Western, 11th grade
Jeff Snyder  Southwest, 11th grade
Tom Kiel  JCPSeSchool, 12th grade
TBD    Ahrens, FLVS Middle/High
Ron Gathright   Ahrens, 9th grade
James Holman   Ahrens, 9th grade
Tony DeSpain   Shelby Campus, 10th grade
Judy Birkhead   Western, 11th grade
Julia Foster   Southwest, 11th grade
Carrie Ciresi   JCPSeSchool, 12th grade
Device and Technology
Pathfinder Guidebook
Tech Support
Auxiliary Curriculum
The JCPSeSchool program is an online option for students to take self-paced high school courses for initial credit or credit recovery. 
These courses are developed and taught by Pathfinder School of Innovation teachers. The counselor will decide the best online learning platform for each student. You can visit our JCPSeSchool page for more information.

CTE Offerings
The Career Technical Education pathways allow students to obtain a strong academic foundation along with career and technical content that leads to KDE certifications. This program is available for any JCPS student. The student does not have to be a PSI student to enroll. Contact your school counselor for more information. Our current Pathways are: 

Health Sciences
Hospitality, Travel, Tourism & Recreation
Art Design & Technology (Graphic Design)
Information Technology 

Dual Credit
We offer Dual Credit courses through Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC). Students are able to receive high school credit and college credit for each course. These courses are available to PSI students as well as other JCPS high school students. Please check with your school counselor for eligibility.
Advanced Placement Options
Students can take Advanced Placement courses through our program with counselor approval. These are college-level courses that can be taken in high school. Here is a list of courses that we offer:

Computer Science
English Lit.
US History

Contact your school counselor for more information

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